Beauty Bag Products

Whether your style is sophisticated, minimalist, natural or original, your make up staples should all be in your make up bag!

It’s much better to have a well-stocked make up bag than an empty one, and there are so many beauty essentials to choose from when filling it up! The Beautyst is here to help you tick off the list of beauty buddies which you should take with you whenever you go out, to ensure you’re on top form all day long! Let’s go back to basics!

The must-haves for a flawless complexion

Your tan won’t last all year round, so as soon as it’s winter, it’s important to find a flawless foundation for your slightly paler skin tone.

Luckily there are countless tools to help you on your quest for perfect skin that will make your skin look fresh and well-rested – even after 4 hours sleep!

But first you need to decide what look you’re going for!

Light and luminous coverage: tinted moisturizer

This is the perfect marriage of a moisturising day cream and the pigments in a foundation! Tinted moisturizers enhance your natural skin tone, gently covering marks and imperfections. This is ideal if you want a light coverage rather than the ‘masked’ effect you get with foundation, but still giving you a clear and even skin tone.

Advisable for normal to dry skin, you can apply it evenly with your fingers, just like a day cream, after washing your face. Tinted moisturizers are available for all skin tones.

BB Cream: hydrate/even out/illuminate

BB Creams (blemish balms) have revolutionised the beauty world in the last few years, rationalising so many daily beauty products into one tube! This miracle cream guarantees hydration, a glowing complexion, camouflaged imperfections, and most importantly – UV protection! Perfect for sunny days!

BB Cream suits all skin types and offers varying levels of cover depending on how you use it – a great compromise between tinted moisturizer and foundation!


If you want more coverage than a tinted moisturiser can offer, or BB Cream won’t cover your little imperfections, then go for a foundation.

The wide range of products on the market means you can choose the texture that suits your skin best (stick, liquid foundation, powder, fluid…) as well as the perfect shade.

Dry skin works best with fluid foundations as they are moisturising, whereas oil-prone skin is better off with matifying compact powders. If you have problem skin, a creamy foundation applied with a brush will work really well for you!

Then you have to find the perfect shade for your skin tone. The aim with foundation is to get it as close as possible to your natural skin tone for even coverage and to hide blemishes. Do a test patch on your jawline (usually less effected by spots and red marks) in natural light rather than shop lighting to avoid nasty surprises! Don’t hesitate to try several shades to find the one that matches your skin tone perfectly, and don’t forget to change the tone of your foundation with the seasons (and yes, if your skin tans in summer, you have to change the colour of your foundation as well!)

You can apply your foundation using your fingers for a nude look, or with the help of a make up brush for better coverage.

Try to choose a non-comedogen foundation so that your skin can breathe, and above all, don’t put excessive layers of foundation on and end up with a ‘caked’ look which will make your face look stiff. It’s better to use a brush to apply your foundation to areas you want to cover, rather than slapping it on!

beauty staples

Matte skin all day long

After you’ve applied your foundation, tinted moisturiser or BB Cream, you need to make sure it is long-lasting in all conditions. In order to avoid the ‘disco ball’ look, and matify your shiny T-zone, you must apply powder.

Choose a matifying powder to ensure that you have a peachy glow all day long, and opt for mineral powders with light coverage which are often good for the skin because they contain protective properties which create an unfavourable environment for bacteria and microbes, lessen the risk of allergic reactions and visibly improve the appearance of skin! Your skin will thank you for it!

Apply it with a large brush for transparent coverage, or with a kabuki for a more sophisticated finish.

A healthy glow is a must

Now you should have a perfect, even complexion! Put some colour in your cheeks and create contours with blusher: your best friend for a fresh and luminous look.

Blushers come in so many shades, so it’s up to you to choose something that suits your colouring. Soft pink really suits blondes, whereas an orange-coral will give you brunettes a gorgeous glow!

To avoid blusher accidents, it’s best to choose a blusher that matches your colouring and skin type!

Powder blusher is better for oil-prone skin than dry skin as it can highlight dry patches. Often enriched with active hydration, creamy blushers are better suited to dry skin, and you should apply them with your fingers for best results. Liquid blusher works with all skin types, but be very careful, as it is designed for experienced beautystas, and requires delicate application!

Little tip: smile when you apply your blusher to the apples of your cheeks, blending along your cheekbone for a perfect result.

Powder blusher

Colour rich, this blusher is easy to use for experienced beautystas and beauty rookies alike! There are so many different shades to choose from so there is something for everyone. What’s more, many brands sell compacts which include a brush – very easy to slip in your make up bag!

Creamy and liquid blushers

These give you a very natural glowy finish – the signature glow of RMS Beauty‘s range of blushers will give you a summery radiance, but be careful to blend well as soon as you apply it, as once it’s dried, it becomes much more stubborn.

Why don’t you try blending shades, or matching them to your lips? There are plenty of palettes that help you do both of these, making it easy to match colours!

The perfect pair for Hollywood glamour: mascara and eyeliner

Invincible mascara

A hallowed make-up bag classic. No eye make up is complete without mascara, so pick your favourite in black, which will suit all hair colours. It is also a product which has a wide price range.

Curving, volumising, or lengthening, there’s something for everyone, and this simple product will give you doe-eyes with the flick of a brush!

For sport-addicts and seasoned travellers who want to look good at all times, opt for Doll Eye Waterproof Mascara by NYX, which will enhance your lashes – even in contact with water!

Eyeliner – your multi-purpose pal

In order to enhance your eyes and bring out their colour, a khol liner is your best friend.

It will lake you look natural and sophisticated at the same time as showcasing your eyes.

Go for a bold mascara which is easier to apply and blend with your finger, for a hand-made smokey look!

You could also draw a thin line along your upper lashes!

Tinted lip balm: your solution for dry lips

Easier to apply than a lipstick and more discreet, a tinted balm works with every look and occasion!

As well as giving you light colour and often a shimmer, these balms hydrate just as well as other balms, for the perfect combo!

All-weather resistant

Finally, to make sure your everyday make up will last, think about fixing it with a fixing spray which will help your make up stay perfect – even at the beach!

And little things such as cotton buds, wipes, blotting papers, and a little mirror are good to always have on hand!

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