Shailene Woodley

You admire the the stars on the red carpet? Their glamourous hair, their LBDs, their perfect makeup Yet celebs are women like you: they wake up in the morning with wrinkled skin and sleepy eyes.

Their secret to being brilliant an hour later? They know their makeup strengths.

You too can learn how to develop and adopt the beauty secrets of your favorite stars.

A perfect complexion

Stars are constantly in the spotlight of their fans and the press and therefore an easy target for criticism. Consequently, they leave nothing to chance to avoid ending up in the make up faux pas pages of the magazines!
Under the spotlight, they have no room for error, especially as they are photographed. Therefore they need a perfect complexion and sculpted face.

Perfect Skin

Base: Concealer

Celebs use a primer to correct the initial imperefections of their skin. This covers up imperfections and makes their foundation long-lasting.

There are several basic colors of primer. If your skin tends to become red and blotchy, use a basic green pigment primer because the green will correct redness. Your complexion might look a little grey initially, but don’t worry, your foundation then give it a more vivid color.

However, if your complexion is dull and lacks a healthy glow, apply a base to purple or pearlescent pigments that will allow light to reflect and therefore make your complexion brighter.

The primer Miracle effect from LANCOME evens your complexion and prepares your skin before you apply your make up.

Camouflaged eye bags

Social events, hours of filming, air travel, jet lag … sleep-deprived stars have to avoid eye bags, and we have the sollution: a concealer

If dark circles are obvious, you must take serious measures. The stars use creamy concealer to effectively camouflage even the toughest circles.

The concealer Time Balm from The Balm will camouflage dark circles effectively.

Apply concealer under the eyes widely to cover the entire affected area and massage this part with your fingers to rub the area. Do not hesitate to repeat the step if necessary.

After you apply your concealer, it is important to dust it so it does stand out or run into the creases under your eye. Go for a fine transparent powder rather than conventional powder, which will prevent a « plaster » effect.

Imperfections dealt with

Now your redness and other imperfections to tackle. Foundation is not always enough to hide skin defects whereas your concealer, which offers more coverage, will allow you to get your perfect complexion.

The most effective method is to apply your concealer (always the colour of your foundation) is locally on your imperfections until they are almost invisible. Then, when you apply your foundation, do so very gently so as not to remove the concealer.

The final touch is to remove the « dullness » of the corrective effect replaying a beige color corrector your foundation, in desired areas.

Kim kardashian’s contouring

Makeup plays a crucial role in flattering photography. So celebs sculpt their faces so as to show a radiant face and perfect contouring.

The Kim Kardashian method of contouring plays with light and shadow to create your face’s perfect shape.

To do this start by applying foundation on the areas to highlight: forehead, bridge of the nose, chin and cheekbones. Tap your foundation with a sponge on your face to apply the right amount of product.

Then comes the shadowing stage, so apply a darker foundation on the wings of your nose, along your cheeks and your temples.

Finally, use a mattifying finishing powder the color of your skin on your entire face with a large brush for a durable matte complexion.

kim kardashian

A bright face

To reflect light and for a healthy glow, celebrities use highlighters.

These are used in small steps along the brow bone, above the cheekbones, on the Cupid’s bow and the inner corner of the eye.

Like a magic wand, a highlighter will light up your face with these strategic locations so that you shine.

Make sure to get your hands on a blush or a bronzer!

Ashley Oslen

Ashley Olsen’s glowy complexion

A glamorous look

Smoky-eyes like Keira Knightley

The smoky eye is a classic look loved by the stars.

Black, brown or purple it is a red carpet staple.

Grab three dark shades and draw apply to your eyelids always starting with the lightest color in the inner corner and the darker color in the outer corner.

Blend with a thicker brush.

Many special smoky-eyes palettes will help you achieve this star make-up look!

Add a fresh coat of mascara for an exciting look, a line of black or brown pencil on your lower lash line and eyeliner for a retro glam look!

The smoky eye: Keira Knightley


In recent seasons, simplicity is back on the red carpet. Many stars are leaving the makeup and opting for a natural look.

Highlight your eyes with neutral colors that will bring out the color of your iris.

Choose two eye shadows in shades of champagne, beige, copper, pink … Apply the lightest color on the entire eyelid to draw in light and open your eyes.

Then apply the darker color (which must still be a nude tone) in the outer part of the eye and then blend with a brush.

You can choose iridescent makeup for a more shimmering look.

Remember the essential black mascara that will show off your iris and give you doe eyes. After curling your lashes, apply two or three coats of black mascara, lengthening or volumizing, it’s up to you, but in any case waterproof, because under the spotlight makeup can run more easily.

Draw a line of light brown or beige pencil on your lower lash lash for a bright look.

Red Carpet lips

A glossy mouth

To contrast intense eyes, the stars are opting increasingly for glossy lips. Chic and glam, gloss gives lips volume.

Either a transparent or colored lip gloss, will enhance the natural color of your lips.

Always remember to match your cheeks to your lips to not create too big a contrast.

Blake Lively: Glossy Lips


A colorful mouth

Lips are a step you can’t neglect

Lip liner will not only help correct imperfections, refine lips too fleshy or plump thin lips, but it will also ensure a perfect application of lipstick.

Use a pencil in the same color as your lipstick and draw the outline of your lips inward to decrease the size of the mouth or outward for the opposite result.

Then apply lipstick starting with small dabs on the lower lip and directly filling the upper lip.

As for colour, take inspiration from your favourite stars!

Crimson lips look great with tanned skin

Pale skin will enhanced by a delicate raspberry lipstick.

If you have blue eyes, opt for a coral.

Red lipstick will make your eyes sparkle, and will of course make you look like a star!

Jennifer Lawrence’s glowing pout


Makeup to withstand the test of time

Finally, the makeup of stars must last all night or all day and sometimes has to withstand (cold rain, wind, wet …) extreme conditions.

It is therefore necessary to apply your makeup primers (foundation primer, smoothing foundation for eyelids, lip stick …) to optimise the hold of your makeup.

Second, fixing sprays reinforce the hold your makeup and can even prevent shine!

Discover even more tutorials to achieve the makeup of your favourite stars step by step.