Products for Perfect Hair

Your hair is an integral part of your look, and so it’s absolutely necessary to keep it in tip top condition. Your poor hair is put through colouring, straighteners, the sun, the sea… so many struggles that you can easily counter thanks to these five simple tips for dream tresses!

Avoid Heat Styling

Heat stylers are at a temperature which is way too high to use on your hair every day, and in the long term can make your hair very fragile.

By using hairdryers, straighteners and other heat stylers, your hair risks losing elasticity, becoming weak and breaking…

If you don’t want to make your hair look as rough as a worn-out doormat, follow our 5 commandments for dream locks!

Frugality is your friend

Use heat stylers as little as possible. Never if you can avoid it. But don’t be too rigourous, as it would be a shame to have to wear a hat every bad hair day!

So if you’re having a hair crisis, our good friends the hair straighteners and hairdryers can come to your rescue!

To use your hairdryer less, try to wash your hair in the evening, so your hair can dry naturally. As a bonus, this will relax you before you go to sleep!

If ever you have to dry your hair, try to dry it as much as possible with a towel (without rubbing it like mad of course!) before using your hairdryer, so that it takes less time to dry your hair and it is less damaged. To keep your ends in good condition, give your hair a pre-dry before you brush it.

Before using straighteners, make sure they aren’t too hot for your hair, and you don’t frazzle it! Invest in a good pair of straighteners which will damage your hair less.


Protect your hair from heat

The same applies to the sun: you must protect your hair from all heat sources.

For sun worshippers, reduce breakage by applying heat protection sprays or creams to your hair.

Let your hair dry naturally then apply a heat protector along the whole length of your hair before drying or styling it.

Don’t forget to protect your tresses at the beach with a protection oil like the Iconic Protective Oil from Phyto Plage. Your skin needs sun protection – and so does your hair!

Visit your hairdresser regularly

Going to the hairdresser is a synonym for relaxation, pampering… on paper anyway. In reality, it’s very different for many of us, recoiling in horror at the thought of coming out disappointed with hair 10 centimetres too short!

However… a little trim could well turn out to be a life-saver! If you want to maintain thick, luxurious hair, it is advisable to get your ends trimmed every month. Don’t panic – two centimetres will be enough to keep your mane looking good!

So ladies, don’t torture your hair, by neglecting it and seeing it seek revenge in the form of split ends, breaks and damage, frizz, and book in once a month with your favourite hairdresser!

Don’t wash your hair too often

Make shampooing your number one enemy

Shampoo can strip your scalp of sebium which dries out and damages your hair.

By preventing the sebium from getting down the the ends of your hair, you deprive it of natural hydration and therefore it becomes rough, broken, and horrendous split ends start to form.

The trick is to space out your washes as much as possible. Easier said than done you say? Not so! Just find a way of replacing your shampoo!

If you’re in the habit of washing your hair every day or every other day, cut out the shampoo and just rinse your hair with water before applying your detangler or conditioner. That way your hair will be fresh without being damaged by excessive shampooing!

An absolute must: a rinse in cold water will remove flakes and leave your hair shiny!

The sneaky alternative: dry shampoo

What if you’re in a hurry in the morning and haven’t got the time to wash your hair as you’d like to?

Whip out your dry shampoo! Not only will you save your hair from extra washing but you’ll also save time!

A quick spray 15cm from your roots, a quick brush and you’re ready to go! Now you have fresh, light, and great smelling hair! Dry shampoo comes in various types to suit blondes, brunettes and redheads and you can choose from a wide range of scents.

Dry Shampoo

Pamper your hair.

‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’

This phrase also applies to your hair. Keeping your hair soft and shiny is a long term endeavour which must be followed daily – perserverence is key.

Taking care of your hair includes choosing products adapted not only to your length but also your scalp type.

Ideal shampoo for a clean scalp.

Your shampoo must be chosen first of all, based on your scalp type (sensitive, irritable, oily, subject to dandruff) and not based on length. Lather up a small amount of shampoo in your hands, and rub it into your roots DELICATELY. You don’t have to scrub them within an inch of their life, which will irritate your sebacious glands. Instead, you should gently massage your scalp in circluar motions using your fingertips. This will stimulate growth and relax you at the same time – what more do you want?!

Rinse thouroughly in warm water (or cold if you’re more daring!) until your hair is squeaky clean.

After each shampooing, apply a detangler or conditioner, this time adapted to the length of your hair to hydrate it, make it shiny, strong and soft, and to avoid it tangling.

Deep repair with a mask.

Once a week, apply a hair mask to your locks which is adapted to your hair type, for as long as possible (30 minutes is plenty) and wrap your hair in a warm towel for best results. This will intensely nourrish your hair to the core and bring out its natural beauty. You can also leave it on overnight for optimal results, so you wake up the next morning with the hair of a princess!

A few tips for choosing your mask:

-If you have coloured hair, choose a mask specifically designed for it so that your colour doesn’t fade.

-If you have dry, frizzy or curly hair, use a hydrating and nourishing mask with a Keratin base.

-For greasy hair, try a French Green Clay mask for a healthy scalp!

-Finally, if your hair is fine and dry, only apply the mask to the length of your hair, not your scalp, so as not to weigh it down.

Look after your hair with treatments.

If this routine doesn’t keep your hair happy, you can try a nourishing oil which will prevent breakage whilst keeping your hair soft and shiny. Apply before bed and rinse with a shampoo the following day. The oil will act as a treatment for your hair. However, do not apply it to your roots as it will not allow your scalp to breathe.

You can use whichever oil you wish according to your preferences: coconut oil, jojoba oil, or vanilla oil – try and go for a natural one.

On a daily basis you can also nourish your hair by coating it, particularly at the ends which are often the most fragile bits, with serums and hair creams which will help you to look after your hairstyle.

Finally, if your hair is still in need, why not try a health supplement which will strengthen your hair and also your nails!?

Tangle Teezer

Choose your hairbrush wisely

Brushing your hair is something you do every day which might seem insignificant, but it is in fact very important. You can’t have perfect hair without a brush which suits it!

We tend to not care too much about our choice of hairbrush, and have the same one for years…big mistake! To tame your unruly tresses, you should invest in a brush adapted to your hair type.

For curly hair, opt for a boar bristle brush which won’t break up your curls and make your hair frizzy, and they also work for girls with fine hair, for whom brushing is really important. Straight haired ladies should opt for a skeleton brush with wide teeth to give your hair volume, whereas if you have thick hair, go for a wide tooth comb.

Finally, the famous Tangle Teezer works with all hair types, gently and painlessly detangling your hair. With its hundreds of teeth of different lengths, this brush will mae your hair soft, smooth and magnificent! Here at The Beautyst, we’ve all got a Tangle Teezer in our handbags!