Blue Eyes Make Up Inspiration

Do you have blue eyes but not know how to show them off? What colours to choose or methods to adopt for an everyday or evening look?

Follow our guide to bring out your sea blue eyes!

Which colours to go for to showcase your blue eyes?

Blue eyes go with almost any make up, and its not hard to make them look good. Even a quick flick of eyeliner and a coat of mascara is enough to do them justice.

To find out which colours will suit your blue irises, have a look at a colour wheel. Each colour has a complementary colour – a colour which will create a contrast and make your iris stand out.

The complimentary colour for blue is orange/yellow, warm and luminous tones. So an orange on your eyelid and a brown eye pencil on your lash line will give you a breathtaking look.

Givenchy Make Up Inspiration for Blue Eyes

Givenchy S/S 2011

Obviously, orange isn’t the easiest colour to wear everyday, but rest assured that brown shades go just as well. Opt for brown, taupe, black and grey. For doe eyes, try shading with dark intense colours – brown, black and purple. Make sure you shade out gradually, and leave the brow area clear to reflect light and open your eyes.

Bolder colours are not totally off limits, but they need to be carefully selected. Soft coral, peach and lilac – pastel colours – are great summer tones for you!

Blue eyes can be very different shades, so take a look at which colours are best for your shade of blue.

Light blue eyes

Light blue eyes look enchanting with a touch of a glittery coppery brown which brings out this piercing tone. The Jumbo Eye Pencil in shade Iced Mocha by NYX for example will help you to define your eyes.

Blue eyes with a hint of green

Blue-green eyes are so hypnotic. To make them stand out even more, blend an electric blue out towards the outer corners of your eyes for an intense look.

Sea blue eyes

Sea blue eyes or navy blue eyes can get away with serious smokey look using black and grey tones for a captivating look.

Make up for Blue Eyes Catwalk Inspiration

Rochas SS 2011

Choice of textures

Depending on what you want, you can use powder or cream eyeshadows. Matte powders are good for everyday make up and for blending two or three colours. Shimmering cream eyeshadows are good for evening make up as they reflect light.Apply using a finger to the intensity desired. Don’t forget to apply an eyeshadow primer before applying your eyeshadow, to make sure it’s long-lasting. But it’s up to you whether you go for a cream or powder eyeshadow.

Colours to avoid

Following our good friend the colour wheel, you will see which tones it’s best to avoid for your lips, blush and eyeshadows.

Just as green eyeshadows don’t suit green eyes, blue eyeshadows don’t suit blue eyes. However, if blue make up does catch your eye, go for a dark blue smokey eye to bring out your iris as much as possible!

Trends to adopt

Try out purple

Cara Delvingne Blue Eyes Make Up

With purple returning to the catwalk, the stars’ eyes are showcasing lilac, dark purple and even pink.

Blue eyes are seen in carefully blended pinks and purples. By adding a coat of black mascara, get an original yet on-trend beauty look. Une’s Universal Eye Palette for example will help you to get easy purple eye make up.

Coloured smokey eyeshadows

A smoldering eye look is a safe bet for good make up. Why not swap your classic grey or black for a daring burgundy – either matte or shimmering.

If that’s too daring for you, don a copper-toned brown, or add a touch of glitter to your illuminated eyelids.

Smokey Eye Make Up Catwalk Inspiration

Simonetta Ravizza AW 2013-2014

Make up for blue-eyed girls

Eye make up

For everyday make up, you probably don’t have the time or desire for full-on smokey eyes. Go for a caramel or taupe shade on your upper lid and give your eyes a radiant look by using a white or beige crayon in the inner corner of your eye. Add several coats of mascara to curve and lengthen your lashes and define your eyes.

If you’re meticulous, you could even draw a line of eyeliner along your upper lash line, for a guaranteed doe-eyed look.

Olsen twins Make up Inspiration

For a party or big event, go for a daring smokey eye, which will emphasis your eyes and give them an intense look!

Colour your eyelids with darker tones such as plums, black, and greys, shading out towards your outer eye. With Lancôme’s Hypnôse Palette, you can easily do smokey eyes fit for the red carpet. A touch of gold will give your iris a sparkle and show off your eyes. If you have big eyes and want to go for the almond-shaped look, it’s very simple: apply a line of black eye pencil along your lower lash line.

A perfect complexion

Don’t forget about your complexion. Full-on eyes don’t make up for a neglected complexion. If you want to show off your blue eyes, your complexion must be impeccable.
Choose a BB Cream or foundation according to desired coverage, and matify your skin with a loose powder. To show off the sparkle in your eyes, your skin must be clean and matte.

Be radiant with blusher and lipstick

Bring out the shape of your face with a blusher which suits your skin tone. To avoid mistakes, choose a blusher close to the colour of your cheeks after a walk in fresh air and put it on the apples of your cheeks. Otherwise, there are plenty of tips for choosing your blusher!

Don’t run the risk of your lipstick clashing with the rest of your make up. If your eye make up is pronounced, don’t overdo it with your blusher and lipstick, but try to opt for colours that match, to avoid a colour clash.

Copy your favourite stars

Pop of colour – Blake Lively

Blake Lively's Make Up Look

Pretty blonde Blake Lively knows how much good a flick of eyeliner and a coat of mascara can do for blue eyes.

With her XXL lashes and bright pink lips, she’s opted for a glam look whilst keeping it natural. Her skin is sunkissed and her cheeks are emphasised with a pink-orange blusher which gives her a glow, and brings out the blue in her eyes.

Smokey Eyes – Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel's Smokey Eyes


Zooey Deschanel sports her classic smokey eyes, with pale pink lips and blusher.

The deep black of her liner really brings out her piercing blue eyes. Zooey has quite large eyes, so can put eyeliner on her upper and lower lash line without making her eyes look too small. If you have smaller eyes, remember to opt for liner on your upper or lower lid, but not both!

Zooey has coated her lashes in lengthening and volumising mascara, for a real wow effect. Playing by The Beautyst’s rules, she hasn’t overdone her lips and eyes, opting for a pale pink, which keeps the emphasis on her breathtaking eyes, whilst giving her a sugar sweet pout. With blush and lips matched so perfectly, there’s no concern over clashing colours!

You now know how to do your blue eye make up! Discover beauty beauty secrets for your hair colour as well – brunettes, blondes, redheads – there’s something for everyone!