make-up for glassesGlasses have become a real fashion accessory in their own right. They accessorise your face and allow you to play with different looks. But wearing glasses doesn’t mean you can skip your make up! As your eyes are hidden behind your glasses, eye make up is about emphasising them!

Flawless complexion

Choice of foundation

Your glasses will draw attention to the top of your face, so its essential that this part is perfect when it comes to your skin.

What’s more, wearing glasses can lead to an excess of sebum around your eye area, so you must combat shine.

To limit this overproduction of sebum, you can first of all use treatments which you apply to this area of your face under your make up. If you have combination skin, apply your day cream, and then apply a gel cream to your t-zone which will have matifying properties, and you’re more than halfway there!

Now for your perfect complexion. If you don’t like foundation or your skin doesn’t have blemishes which are difficult to cover, opt for a BB or CC Cream which will even out, hydrate and illuminate your skin, whilst covering up your imperfections all in one! These creams are lighter than your foundation, so there is little to no risk of them running during the day.

If however you have imperfections you want to hide, you can’t skimp on your foundation, so opt for a light fluid foundation and a concealer which you should apply locally to your imperfections.

Apply your concealer which should be the same colour as your skin tone with the help of a fine brush on the areas to camouflage (spots, red marks, bags under your eyes) before applying your foundation with a brush for a light and luminous effect. Thanks to it’s integrated brush tip, the foundation Touche Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent will give a glowing finish and an even skin tone in a flash.

They we come to powder. For women who wear glasses this step is very important around the eye area as it has a tendency to be shiny. With the help of a large powder brush, apply your concealer, then your powder to your whole face, with a focus on your t-zone.

Contouring with blusher

In order to balance out your face and contour it, boost your cheeks with a flick of blusher. The pink tones will lift blonde complexions naturally whereas apricot or coral tones suit brunettes perfectly!

Perfect eyebrows

We won’t tell you again – your eyebrows structure your face, so take care of them!

It’s even more important if you wear glasses. It’s better if they are higher than the frame of your glasses, and perfectly plucked. For the first time, get a professional to see to them, to create a shape which will suit your face, and then you can, from then on, stick to this line with your tweezers – easy peasy! Draw out your eyebrows before you fill them in so they are better structured. To do this with the help of a pencil the same colour as your eyebrows, colour in all little gaps with small lines of pencil drawn on like little brow hairs.

If you prefer an eyebrow powder which often look very natural, opt for one the same tone as your eyebrows, and use it to fill in the line of your eyebrows with the help of a slanted-edge brush. Don’t hesitate to fix your eyebrow make up with an eyebrow mascara, either transparent or tinted.


Subtle eye make up

Your eye make up depends on a few criteria.

The first element to take into account is the reason you wear glasses, as your make up will differ depending on whether you’re short-sighted or long-sighted. You must also take into consideration your frames. Their shape, their colour, their size – all elements which determine what will showcase your eyes the most.

Make up for short-sightedness

Glasses for short-sightedness have a tendency to shrink the appearance of your eyes, so your primary objective is to make them look bigger.

Go for light, nude tones such as champagne, beige, taupe. Urban Decay’s Naked Palette is perfect for a nude look. With a white or beige eye pencil, draw a line around the inner corner of your eye to open up your eyes. Blend together a lighter tone on your inner eyelid and a darker tone on your outer eyelid.

In order to make your eyelashes look fuller, draw a line of black eyeliner along your lash line, and coat your lashes in black mascara. Use an eyelash curler prior to this so that your lashes don’t touch your glasses.

Finally, if you want to adopt a retro look like the gorgeous Alexa Chung, a thin line of eyeliner will also look great behind your specs!

Make up for long-sightedness

These glasses on the other hand, makes your eyes bigger, so you should look for a way of balancing out your eyes. In the same way, opt for nude tones on your inner eyelid. However this time, use mascara and khol frugally.

With this type of glass, concealer is a necessary step to camouflage your inevitable marks and lines. Don’t just do a half-moon under your eyes, rather, prolong it right up to your nose, to create a large bright zone under your eyes. Apply a powder over your concealer so it doesn’t sink during the day.

What texture to go for?

This is a question of taste. Powder eyeshadows are more likely to fall onto your glasses, so go for a creamy one. However they can also sink into the creases of your eyes, so make sure you apply a base.

Matte tones are also preferable to iridescent ones because they create too much reflection behind your glasses.

Go for bright lips!

We think you should probably, no, DEFINITELY opt for a lipstick to balance and harmonise your face when you wear glasses.

If your eye make up is soft, let yourself loose on your lip make up! Bright corals, intense reds or candy pink! Finally, think about fixing your make up with a fixing spray which will ensure long lasting and matified make up!

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