Make Up for Red Heads

You can’t deny that red hair is iconic, yet has been barely acknowledged by the beauty world for years! The good news is, red hair is making a full-on comeback! It’s uniqueness, its mystery, its sex-appeal…with so many women trying out this look, including celebrities such as Emma Stone and Blake Lively, find out how to do the make up to match!

This dazzling hair colour comes with certain make up rules.

Natural or dyed, blazing or sandy, follow our guide to get the look that’ll be turning heads!

The Beautyst is about to reveal the mystery of redhead make up:

How to do your foundation if you’re a redhead

Choosing foundation and blusher for very pale skin is a delicate operation; the wrong foundation applied too quickly can lead to you looking tangoed!

Base coat: protect your skin

Before your foundation, pale skin needs a daily UV protection (and yes even in winter!) There are so many hydrating day creams on the market which offer UV protection, and what’s more, a moisturizer makes an excellent base for your foundation.


The crucial foundation choice

It’s so important to find a foundation which matches fair skin perfectly. In general, redheads should avoid choosing a foundation which is too dark, as they naturally don’t tan, so give yourself a healthy glow and opt for a pale foundation.

The aim should be to show off your porcelain complexion, not to cover up your charming rosy glow! Try a tinted moisturizer which will showcase your radiance whilst covering up imperfections.

If you’re looking for thicker coverage of certain areas (the wings of your nose, little imperfections, spots…) apply concealer of a similar shade to your natural skin tone, and half a shade lighter when using under-eye concealers. Apply in a half-moon shape from corner to corner of your eye using a fine brush, to cover up marks, and dab a small amount on other problem areas.

As for the texture of your foundation, it depends on your skin type (dry, mixed, normal, oil-prone) and your preferences.

Clear, dry skin can rely on tinted moisturizers such as BB Creams or tinted creams, whereas oil-prone and/or spot-prone skin is better off with more coverage such as liquid or cream foundation, or oil-free powder foundation.

When choosing your foundation, try it in sunlight on your jawline, which is the same tone as your face, but is less affected by blemishes. The shade you choose should be as close as possible to your skin tone so it looks natural. Try out a few shades and feel free to change shade with different seasons.

Transparent but matte complexion

For long-lasting make up, don’t forget to apply a mineral powder to your whole face, which is ideal for fair skin. Use a large brush for light, all-over coverage.

If your red hair is dyed, and you don’t have fair skin, you can get away with a bit of beige, rose or peach bronzer.

makeup for redheads

The right blusher for redheads

If you want to give you face a radiant look and create contours, go for peach and light pink blushers, which will suit you and bring out your luminosity.

If you have lighter hair, go for pastel colours, whereas if its darker, try pale pinks.

What eye make up to go for?

Eye make up is also a delicate issue, as you have to take into account your eye colour, as well as the colour of your eyelashes and eyebrows; if you have very light eyelashes and brows, opt for a brown mascara instead of a black one to avoid a dramatic difference in colour between your lashes and brows.

Choose a lengthening, volumizing mascara for an intense look.Emma Stone's Make Up for Red Hair

The importance of a good brow line

Before defining your eyebrows, make sure your eyebrows are a nice shape with the help of your tweezers. Bearing in mind, the trend for thick brows, keep plucking to a minimum, maintaining the natural curve of your brow line. To do this, start as the outer corner, and deal with the area under the arc, then work towards the inside, thicker corner of the eyebrow.

To do your eyebrows, fill in the blank and overplucked areas, which you can do with a powder similar to your natural brow colour, or an eyebrow pencil. In order to showcase your eyes, choose a shade slightly darker than your hair colour. Many brands sell brow kits in a wide range of colours.

The eyeshadow to go for as a redhead

As for your eyelids, green tones always look great with red hair, but there are plenty of other colour options!

Redheads with brown eyes

Redheads with brown eyes should go for olive or khaki tones; cool tones will emphasis your eye colour.

After you’ve applied an eyeshadow base to your whole upper eyelid, cover the whole lid in a medium shade, and apply a darker colour to the outer corner, then blend the two together with your finger or a blending brush.

Redheads with blue eyes

For an elegant look, go for warm eyeshadow tones such as copper, cinnamon, and brown.

Have a go with creamy, shimmering eyeshadows, applying it three quarters of the way up your eyelid from your lash line to the eyebrow arch. For long-lasting wear, apply a neutral powder eyeshadow underneath.

Dare to be creative

For a more sophisticated look, opt for lilacs, plums, petrol blue and daring, bright tones which really suit redheads!

You can also try out a smokey eye, provided the rest of your make up is muted and subtle.

For your everyday make up look, a simple flick of eyeliner will expand your eyes and is a simple and effective look!

Lily Cole's Beauty Look for Red Hair

How to showcase fair lips

Pastel for redheads

Your lipstick colour should match your skin tone, and work with your natural lip colour.

Redheads tend to have quite fair lips, so colours that work on your mouth are beige, pale pink and pale coral.

Contrary to popular belief, a pillarbox red lipstick looks very glam with your red hair, as long as your foundation is flawless.

For everyday make up, shades of coral, peach, apricot and pink will light up your complexion and will give you a head-turning glow!

Flamboyant redhead or natural redhead

Of course, it all depends on what look you’re going for.

Matte lipsticks are long-lasting and keep their colour for hours. For a glam evening look, they’re a great handbag staple. However, if you have dry lips, a matte lipstick will emphasise this, so apply a hydrating lip balm underneath for a moisturised pout and lip colour which doesn’t bring out dry skin.

For a more subtle, natural look, transparent and sheer lipsticks which are very easy to apply give your lips a pretty, subtle colour. Which ones to look out for on your next shopping spree? Transparent lipsticks, volumizing glosses or even tinted balms, for light colour and excellent lip care.

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