Make Up For Work

What make up you should wear for work really depends on what job you do, the activities you undertake and company policy, so there will be certain constraints.

Contact with clientelle for example usually requires a certain dress code and while a tattoo artist might get away with extravagant, a bank teller probably won’t!

The Beautyst is here to give you advice on how to do your work make up – whatever your job!

Fresh and well-rested complexion

Your foundation is the starting point for your beauty look and the step which is pretty much the same whatever look you go for.

Covering up marks

After you’ve cleansed and hydrated your skin, start by hiding imperfections. It’s not very professional to turn up to work looking shattered! We’re all up for partying, as long as you’re appearance doesn’t let on the next day!

First of all, choose a concealer 2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Opt for one based on yellow pigments which will cover darker imperfections more effectively.

As for texture, fluid concealers are easier to apply and to manipulate on the skin. A creamy texture will dry perfectly without running into the creases of your face during the day.

To apply it, use a fine brush and trace a half-moon under your eye where there are bags. Rub it with your fingers or a synthetic brush, which are good for creamy concealers.

Even skin tone

Then apply your tinted moisuriser or foundation depending on desired effect. Tinted moisturiser combines the action of a hydrating cream and the pigments in a foundation. It is designed for use by those who want an even skin tone, but don’t want to use foundation.

For stronger coverage, opt for a well-chosen foundation. To find the colour of your foundation, try out several different ones in natural light, and buy the shade which matches your skin tone best. A perfect foundation is one you can’t see!

Apply it with the help of a brush or your fingers to blend it well. To avoid looking caked, work it and rub it in well to your face.

Powder: your ally for matte skin

The next step is unavoidable because this is where you matify your skin and fix your foundation in place: applying powder. You can get away with skipping this if you have dry skin, but for oil-prone, combination, or normal skin, no way!

Go for a finishing powder which will keep your foundation still as well as matifying shine which may appear throughout the day. The colour must be the same as your foundation, and therefore your skin if you have followed our advice! There are also white finishing powders which are completely invisible on the skin.

To apply it, sweep across your face with a large brush, paying special attention to your t-zone (forehead, nose and chin) which is more affected by sebum production. Then apply your concealer with a fine brush adapted to this area.

Now your skin is perfect. Now to make it more radiant, whilst creating contours!

Fresh faced with blusher

Blusher is the little must-have product which gives your skin the finishing touch with a healthy glow!

If you have long days, move a lot, or are outside, go for a liquid blusher which will last longer than a powder blusher. However, it takes practise to apply well, as the colour dries quickly and then won’t budge!

Dry skin which doesn’t suffer from imperfections looks good with creamy blushers applied with fingertips for a shimmering finish. The bonus? It gives you a california beachy glow!



Finally, to illuminate your face, try a highlighter. Apply to strategic places on your face, and it will counter signs of fatigue. Apply under your eyebrows, on the bridge of your nose, the corners of your eyes and on your cupid’s bow in order to capture light.

Our advice: opt for an highlighting pen like Touch-Expert Advanced from By Terry.

Luminous eyes

Anti-fatigue look

For a wide-awake look, opt for light colours which will brighten you up. Taupe, champagne, pink-gold, pearly white… You can’t go wrong with a matte or light shimmering nude eyeshadows applied to your whole upper eyelid.

Then apply several coats of black mascara in order to contrast your eyeshadow.

Light smokey eyes

You could even try a smokey eye as long as it’s light so it doesn’t look like dark make up which is more suited for parties, and is not advised if you’ve not had much sleep!

With the help of a khôl or a black eye pencil; colour in above your lower lashes and below your upper lashes. Blend well with a brush.

With soft shadows, such as greys or browns, intensify the crease in your eyelid. Put the shaodw on the outer fold of your eyelid and blend well.

A good idea is to invest in a palette which contains all the shadows you need for nude or smokey eyes.

A touch of originality

If your job will allow it, you could try a more daring look : khaki eyelids, coloured marscara, or bright eyeliner.

Sublime lips

For a discreet look, team your nude and luminous eyes with a transparent or light pink gloss. For example, Gloss Terrybly Shine 6 Nude de By Terry will delicately colour your lips thanks to its pink champagne colour for a shimmering nude result!

If your eye make up is heavy, simply hydrate your lips with a pink tinted lip balm – a handbag must-have!

Finally, don’t forget to look after your hands. Discover out guide to the essentials for a dream manicure.