Tips for beautiful skin

Whether it’s dry, mixed, sensitive, or oily, we all want our skin to be smooth and radiant. Between pollution, changes in temperature, and make up, you need to really look after it. Follow our made-to-measure advice for perfect beautiful skin!

Cleanse your skin before bed

The crucial step in your daily routine is removing your make up. This means cleansing your skin of impurities, pollution and sebum accumulated during the day rather than trapping your skin under your make up during the night. Make up removing oils are very effective, even on waterproof make up, and suit all skin types, with the exception of sensitive skin which doesn’t tolerate the limestone in contained in the water.

Apply the make up remover directly to dry skin after thoroughly washing your hands, then dampen your face with water and rinse.

If you have very sensitive skin which is irritated by frequent washing, opt for a make up removing milk which will gently cleanse your face.

A complete skin cleansing

Next, it is necessary to perfect your make up removal and get rid of any residue with a facial cleanser.

If you have dry skin, opt for very gentle products such as mousses and gels, where as oil-prone skin is better suited to creams. If your skin is sensitive and you use a milk, this step isn’t nevessary every day.

To finish off, apply a tonic lotion or micellar water with the help of a cotton wool pad. Only when the cotton is pure white after application is your make up fully removed! If not, keep going until it is.

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Optimal hydration

Next, comes moisturisation, a real challenge for dry skin.

Firstly, apply a hydrating serum which will not only penetrate your skin deeply, but will also make your moisturiser, which you apply next, more effective.

For mixed to oil-prone skin, this step is also really important. You must avoid applying drying treatments such as spot creams without moisturising your skin. If applied too often to your face, these products can irritate your skin, which will defend itself by overproducing sebum, leading to imperfections.

Oil-prone skin must therefore be treated as gently as dry and sensitive skin.

Invest in a good light moisturising cream (non-comedogen of course) which will hydrate your skin without smothering it. If you have imperfections, you can apply an anti-spot gel locally to eradictate them.

To optimise the results of your cream whilst giving yourself a relaxing pamper, massage it onto your face in circular motions, starting at your mouth, going out to the edge of your face. Don’t forget to hydrate your neck as well, an often neglected area.

Little tip: to get rid of a spot, apply a healing cream, which will not only clear it up, but also stop it spreading. Thanks to its antibacterial action, it reduces the number of new spots which appear. And what’s more, it helps your skin cells to regenerate and reduces the appearance of scars. We recommend Avène’s Healing Cream, which does the job and isn’t too expensive!

Preparing and protecting your skin in the morning

Waking your skin up

To smooth out your skin, get rid of inevitable bits of dirt which have appeared overnight, and perspiration. You must wake your skin up gently.

Give yourself a spray with a hydrating spray or go over your face with a cotton pad dipped into micellar or tonic water, which will stimulate blood circulation, and will give your cheeks a rosy glow.

Your skin is fresh and awake, ready to be hydrated and dolled up!

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Day Cream: your defense!

For beautiful, supple and hydrated skin, opt for the day cream which is adapted to your needs.

Not only will it defend your skin, but it will also sooth problems such as dryness, shine and imperfections.

Nourish your dry skin

Dry skin works best with creams which activate cell renewal by providing moisture and vitamins.

Go for creams rich in Vitamins A and E which help the production of collagen and stimulate tissue regrowth, or creams containing shea butter, or plum, which containing nourishing properties.

Control oil-prone skin

Mixed skin is best off with oil free, matifying creams, with a fluid texture, which will regulate the production of sebum and unblock pores in order to prevent the appearance of imperfections.

Sophisticated algae, zinc, honey or mineral salt cream will help you target shiny skin.

Regulating mixed skin

Mixed skin is the combination of an oily t-zone and dry cheeks. Opt for a light hydrating cream which will hydrate the areas on your face which are not problematic, whilst controlling the production of sebum on the rest of your face.

Caring for sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, you must choose your treatment carefully as your skin may not be tolerant of many products. Many brands have products designed for sensitive or allergic skin, so you will be able to find a cream that makes your skin happy.

You will know if a cream works for your skin if your skin is no longer irritated or shiny.

Purify your skin with a scrub

Exfoliating your skin is an important step as this allows the renewal of your epidermis. The scrub rids the skin of dead cells, which can be the origin of spots and dull complecion.

Like with all good things, you should not overuse scrubs, as you may irritate your skin, which will react by producting more sebum, which is not what you want!

Once a week, give yourself a good scrubbing!

Your choice of scrub is quite wide as there are so many on the market for all skin types.

Oil-prone skin is best treated with scrubs with large grains, whereas for dry and sensitive skin, micrograins are better.

For problem skin, be delicate with scrubs. Opt for an exfoliating cream and apply only to the t-zone.

Apply a small blob to your whole face and massage in using circular movements. Rince well in warm water, and finish off with a cotton wool pad dipped in tonic water, in order to remove residue.

Deeply nourish your skin with a mask

To deal with problems of dull, dehydrated skin suffering with red marks, cleanse your skin with a treatment which will really work.

The rich actives in the mask will reveal your skin’s radiance and revitalise it.

For optimal results, it is better to apply your masque just after your scrub, which will have freed your skin from impurities and dead skin, and so it will be ready for the mask.

On clean, dry skin, apply the mask to your whole face and leave it to work for 15-20 minutes. Rinse well afterwards in warm water, and dry delicately with a towel.

To choose your mask, your the same advice as we gave you for your day cream – your mask does the same job only more intensely!


Simple advice for beautiful skin

Healthy balanced diet

You are what you eat, and your skin hair and nails show that! Give your body what it needs: fruit, vegetables, protein etc… a varied and balanced diet is key for beautiful skin!

Choose the right make up

Go for make up which doesn’t stifle your skin or block your pores. Avoid products containing comedogens, which lead to the appearance of imperfections. If your skin is prone to imperfections, bear your skin type in mind when you choose a foundation.

Protect your skin

Whether you’re at the beach, the mountains or in town, think of your skin and apply sun cream. This will protect you from painful sunburn and prematurely aged skin. According to the season, you can use a day cream containing a UV filter.

Look after your lips

Don’t neglect them, as they also need attention. Exfoliate them with a scrub every now and then, and hydrate them frequently.

Consult a specialist

If your skin is acting up and you’re not happy with it, don’t hesitate to contact a specialist who will know how to help you. In certain cases, expert opinion is recommended to identify the source of the problem and give you the necessary treatment.

What are your beautiful skin secrets? Let our beauty community know!