As a Beautysta, I pledge to respect The Beautyst community’s code of conduct.


I will always behave in a courteous and open-minded manner.

The Beautysta community, as users of The Beautyst, is comprised of men and women with a wide variety of different tastes and styles.

As a member of this Beautyst community, I respect the diversity of individuals and their personal tastes. I therefore pledge to respect other beautystas in the same way as I wish them to respect me.

We are all here to share, exchange and enrich our beauty expertise!


I will only share high-quality content.

The Beautyst is a sharing platform where all community members can consult beauty tips and find products suited to their needs. Publish content which will help members choose their beauty products. Your articles will be published if they come under the categories on the site.

I understand that it is essential to offer videos, images and articles that are of a high quality so that other beautystas can fully appreciate them. I therefore endeavour to always present my content in its best light and in the most attractive way.

As an active member of this community, I am invited to put forward my opinion and to share my thoughts on the various products, photos, videos and articles that are posted on the site. To ensure the suitability of my input, I must be aware of the manner in which I express my thoughts and opinions on The Beautyst. I must always pay attention to the quality of my spelling, grammar and punctuation.

To ensure consistency and clarity when I share photos, videos and articles on the Beautyst, I only tag products and brands that I have mentioned in the content.
I understand that this declaration reserves the rights of The Beautyst to remove any inconsistent or unclear content from the site.

In order to make it easier for members of our community to navigate the website, and so that your articles are attractive and high quality, make sure the articles you publish are illustrated with images.
Make sure your RSS feed is set up so that images are attached to your articles.
Your articles which are not illustrated cannot be published on The Beautyst.


I will share reliable and consistent content
and will not engage in any form of personal promotion.

The shared aim of The Beautyst community is to inform its members of current beauty trends.

I have the opportunity to share the results of my professional work if they prove to be relevant to the community (tutorials created by make-up artists, hairdressers, beauticians, etc). By contrast, if the content that I wish to share is irrelevant or does not fit the context of The Beautyst site, I will refrain from posting it.

In addition, I pledge to refrain from posting any messages on behalf of a business or company, even if the business or company is currently operating in the cosmetics sector.

I understand that this declaration reserves the rights of The Beautyst to remove any inconsistent content from the site.


I will notify The Beautyst if I observe any misconduct.

Despite the careful monitoring of The Beautyst team, there will always be misconduct on the internet. If I come across any inappropriate content on The Beautyst, I will report it to The Beautyst team via