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Sold and shipped by The Beautyst

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The BlenderCleanser Solid is the BeautyBlender's essential cleansing companion!

The BlenderCleanser Solid is a lightly lavender-scented cleanser based on a uniquely soothing, lows-suds formula that breaks down dirt, oil and excess make up traces to completely cleanse the BeautyBlender without causing any irritation to sensitive skin. The BlenderCleanser Solid's innovative, gentle formula makes it an indispensable product for your BeautyBlender to leave skin feeling soft, healthy and fresh. Used like a bar soap, this cleanser can even be used to clean your make up brushes!

Hygiene is an absolute must for keeping skin soft and healthy and the oil and dirt from make up can cling to your applicators causing skin irritations and infections. The BlenderCleanser Solid is an essential companion for your BeautyBlender to instantly freshen up the sponge and remove leftover make up traces to ensure skin stays feeling smooth and clean. The olid format of this product means you can easily take it anywhere with you!



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