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This classic anti-dark circle treatment product exclusively treats the problems of micro-circulation and skin ageing to eliminate dark-circles and puffiness. Talika knows each skin type has specific properties which require different treatments.
Eye Detox Specific is specially formulated to help combat different types of dark circles that appear on olive and dark skin. Chromadetox, a natural active ingredient extracted from brown algae, combines with vitamin B3, attacks the causes of dark circles to brighten your gaze.
The brand innovates and uses for the first time an active ingredient which combats 2 dark-circles little-known causes:
- The oxidation of blood that escapes from microcapillaries (phenomenon which gives the dark circles colour).
- Inflammation of the eye contour.
For olive skin, Talika has specifically identified an active ingredient which regulates melanin production.

Hereditary dark circles.
Clarifies and soothes the eye contour.
Anti-puffiness, reduce redness and imperfections.
Skin visibly “smoothed”, soothed and hydrated.

- Dark circles efficiency: 100%*
- Dark circles intensity: -37%**
- Puffiness efficiency: 81%***
*Clinical trial - % of autosatisfaction - 10 subjects - 2 months
**Clinical trial - colourimetry measures- 10 volunteers - 2 months
***Consumer test - % of satisfaction on views expressed - 25 volunteers - 2 months

LES PLUS DU SOIN EYE DETOX SPECIFIC - PEAUX MÂTES A FONCEES TALIKA : Éclaircit et apaise le contour de l’oeil. Anti-poches, il atténue les rougeurs et les imperfections Peau visiblement « défroissée », apaisée et hydratée.

La formule :
- Chromadetox®, extrait d’algue brune : anti-âge et anti-inflammatoire
- Escine, active la microcirculation
- Extrait d’avoine, lisse immédiatement
- Poudre soft-focus, floutent la lumière et «éclairent» le regard.
- Bille d’acier de l’applicateur, aide à décongestionner et tonifier
- Vitamine B3, régule la synthèse de mélanine et apaise



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