How do the Beauty points work ?

Get the most out of your shopping experience on The Beautyst thanks to our rewards program! It is designed so that each of your actions on the website is rewarded with Beauty Points, that will give you discounts on your next orders. So whether you subscribe to our newsletter, complete your beauty profile, post a review or a picture or even just shop your favourite products, you are earning Beauty Points!

How to earn beauty points?  

So here's the deal! You can pile up Beauty Points the following ways:

  • Register on The Beautyst = 10 Beauty Points
  • Subscribe to our newsletter = 10 Beauty Points
  • Fully complete your Beauty profile = 10 Beauty Points
  • Upload a photo = 5 Beauty Points
  • Post a review on a product you bought = 5 Beauty Points* (Subject to validation and in a time frame from 1 to 5 days)
  • Post a review with pictures on a product you bought = 20 Beauty Points* (Subject to validation and in a time frame from 1 to 5 days)
  • Shop on The Beautyst = 1 Beauty Point for each 1€ spent

*available for all orders since September 2015

How to use your beauty points?

You can start using your Beauty Points as soon as you earned 10 Points. You can redeem them at checkout upon your next order and get a discount.

You can also continue to earn Beauty Points: if you don't use them, we will keep them for you and have them available for when you decide to redeem them.

However, the Beauty Points cannot be exchanged for cash, and they are not transferable between accounts.

How many beauty points do i have?

If you want to check your Beauty Points balance, please visit your "My account" Page.