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Sold and shipped by Talika

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The most visible signs of skin ageing are:
1. Epidermis thinning, density loss and appearance of expression lines and wrinkles.
2. Skin shine, brilliance and transparency loss and appearance of dark spots.

To answer these two problems, Talika laboratories, experts in custom care, in association with researchers from Paris Hospitals, introduce a revolutionary anti-age care by light therapy: Light 590® Collagen Booster and Light 525® Skin Lightener in duo.
Talika laboratories have created this duo, a portable device whose sides emit different light waves:
-In one side the Light 590® re-activates collagen and elastin production.
- The other Light 525® regulates melanin production, responsible for skin colouration.

Thanks to the combined use of these two treatments, your wrinkles will be smoothed, dark spots will be reduced; your skin will be plumped up, brighter, radiant and visibly younger.

Light 590® and Light 525® principle? Use light radiation corresponding to a spread of pure colours, ranging from blue to red. This radiation without heat source, emitted by diodes, acts at cutaneous cells heart and generates spectacular results.

Device comes with its battery, partially charged, 1 USB cable + FR-US power adapter for charging and a protector bag.
Device is guaranteed for 2 years, subjected to good use, mentioned in this convenient manual.

LES PLUS DU LIGHT DUO TALIKA : Utiliser le rayonnement lumineux correspondant à une diffusion de couleurs pures, allant du bleu au rouge. Ce rayonnement, sans source de chaleur, émis par des diodes, agit cœur des cellules et engendre des résultats spectaculaires.

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