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Less is More organic clay styling wax with a strong texture and a matte finish. Ideal for short and fine hair, it will keep your hair flexible and shapeable. Diatomaceous Earth and Forest Honey nourish your scalp, while natural Beeswax and Jojoba oil protect hair from drying out. The wax offers natural sun protection. With a fabulous cypress, lemon and peppermint essential oils scent!
Key ingredients
Diatomaceous Earth: In ancient times, there were diatoms in oceans whose protective cell walls can be found today as diatomaceous earth deposits. Rich in silicon dioxide (silica), it nourishes and strengthens hair from its roots and gives a matte finish.
Beeswax: Untreated beeswax gives consistency and volume, while nourishing and protecting hair and scalp.
Jojoba oil: One of the most remarkable natural ingredients for hair and skin care. Jojoba oil has awesome properties and is even called "golden droplets" by native Americans from Arizona and Mexico. For centuries, they have used this versatile, rare and highly prized oil for hair and body care. It is exceptionally rich in vitaimn E.
Cypress: Purest essential oil from steam distillation of the twigs. Fresh, stimulating and harmonizing oil with anti-inflammatory, toning and astringent effects on the scalp.
Safe for coloured hair.



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