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Sold and shipped by Cellu-cup

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The Pack 1 Cup + 1 oil contains a Cellu-cup and a massage oil. Cellu-cup is a cult product that will help you effectively fight against cellulite. This small silicone massage tool completely autonomous (no power supply). Cellu-cup allows you to complete at home and at your own pace the famous "rolling massage" from physiotherapists. The exclusive massage oil is a blend of 4 vegetable oils, all chosen for their specific properties, and an essential oil of sweet orange. Eliminate your cellulite through Cellu-cup massage allied with its massage oil properties. This duo pack contains a Cellu-cup in its pouch, manual included, and a spray of Massage Oil Sweet Orange 90ml.

By its mechanical action, Cellu-cup leads to lipolysis (breakdown of fat cells in the body) and removes the "orange peel" on your skin. Non-invasive and safe. Adapted whatever the type of your cellulite (fat, aqueous, mixed or fibrous). Unbreakable, autonomous, you can take it anywhere.

Capacity:42g / 90ml


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