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Sold and shipped by Talika

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Based on NASA's research about the benefits of light for the skin, Talika has discovered a miraculous active ingredient: Hydra Photo Beauty® that captures the positive energy of light and transforms it into a moisturizing energy that will deeply act on skin cells.

Photo Hydra Serum® is the 1st concentrated serum that combines this discovery with an active ingredients complex, well-known for their intense moisturizing action inside and outside the cells. It boosts and optimizes intra and extracellular hydration, Replenishes and soothes skin thanks to its formula made with hyaluronic acid, lipopeptides and unique Hydra-Photo Beauty®.

From 3 days, +86% deep hydration (dermis)*
Your skin will be immediately and intensely refreshed, replumped and enhanced.

*Ex-vivo test on 8 skins.

LES PLUS DU PHOTO HYDRA SERUM TALIKA : Cet acide aminé capte naturellement l’énergie positive de la lumière pour la transformer immédiatement en une énergie hydratante au cœur de la peau. Cette action se prolonge tout au long de la journée grâce à l’énergie de la lumière naturelle. Ce sérum a obtenur un Prix Santé Magazine 2015®

Capacity:30 ml


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