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Sold and shipped by Himawari

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This toner has an Ultra Efficient anti-ageing effect, formulated with vegetable stem cells from a rare species of apple: the Uttwiler Spätlauber. Its powerful stem cells reinvigorates mature skins by allowing them to grow new cutaneous tissue. They also increase skin longevity by delaying the ageing process. As the skin matures, it loses firmness and becomes leaner making wrinkles more visible; This physical change is mainly due to lower hormone levels. In order to compensate this decrease in hormone levels that produces ageing on the skin, UNT scientists have added Genistein, a powerful plant derivative that is able to stimulate collagen production. This innovative component has been enclosed into liposomes in order to maximize its absorption, ensuring that all the benefits of Prodige are delivered to the targeted skin layers. Pro-Youth Tonic also contains telomerase, an enzyme that delays cellular ageing by stabilizing DNA structure in the skin cells. Researchers have discovered that, when telomerase is activated in cell cultures, they would replicate indefinitely. When used for skin care, this enzyme extends the life of healthy cells and delays the ageing process. Prodige Pro-Youth Tonic boosts the skin renewal system and maintains the natural balance, rejuvenating it day after day for a radiant complexion.

LES PLUS DU PRODIGE PRO-YOUTH TONIC UNT : Tonique rajeunissant pour retrouver une peau parfaite.

Capacity:150 ml


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