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Sold and shipped by Ecocentric

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Neom Luxury Organics "Real Luxury" organic room mist with white lavender, jasmine and rosewood pure essential oils. For some people it's a box of Rococo chocolates, for others it's a glass of Krug. For us its the soothing relaxation of a floral scent coupled with spicy tones and a hint of woodiness for perfect pampering (even better with chocolates and champagne). Also perfect for: me time, down days and daily stress. Simply spray the mists liberally into the air at home or in the office to create an 'Instant Holistic Treatment. As you inhale the mood enhancing essential oils, they work to relax, refresh or lift your mood depending on the treatment you choose. Made from a simple blend of organically certified essential oils, spring water and pure grain alcohol. They are 95 % organic and free from harsh preservatives, so they will not pollute your lungs, home or the environment.

Pulvériser généreusement la brume parfumée Real Luxury dans l'air ou sur un tissu pour prolonger la tenue de son parfum aromathérapeutique dans votre intérieur.Pour parfumer draps et tissus d'intérieur, vaporiser le parfum d'intérieur naturel Neom Luxury Organics à environ 20 cm de distance.




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