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Sold and shipped by Talika

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Zero Stretch Mark® treats recent and established stretch marks no matter their location (thighs, hips, buttocks, stomach, breast, arms, etc).
Fibroblasts are residents cells of dermis which synthesize molecules, ensuring skin structure and smoothness. Stretch marks are caused by a permanent contraction of the fibroblasts which stops producing more of these molecules and disorganize the macromolecular network, giving the skin a red, purple to pearl white zebra looking appearance.
Until now, we thought stretch marks were unavoidable.
Talika laboratories have discovery an active ingredient, D-Stretch® able to reverse the processes that create stretch marks preventing their apparition and visibly reducing their depth.
This active ingrediente is able to reduce fibroblasts stress involved in stretch marks formation. D-STRETCH® is concentrated in combination with a «Zéro Stretch Marks®» formula, so that a regular application can improve skin look in a few months.
The Zero Strech Marks “relaxes” fibroblasts by 27%, right from the first application* and doubles the level of functional collagen.
“My stretch marks are less deep.”: 87%**
“My stretch marks are less coloured.”: 68%**
“My skin is more supple and toned.”: 87 %**
*Test in-vitro.
** Clinical test on 25 women in 3 months.

LES PLUS DU SOIN ZERO VERGETURE TALIKA : Diminue visiblement la surface de la vergeture, sa profondeur et sa coloration. Il raffermit et assouplit la peau, hydrate et nourrit. L'épiderme retrouve peu à peu son aspect originel.

Capacity:100 ml


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